17 bills and resolutions in the 2018 Hawaii legislature related to Hawaiian sovereignty were opposed by Ken Conklin. 5 minor ones passed but 12 failed, including several major ones.

by Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D.

The legislature of the State of Hawaii opened its regular session for 2018 on Wednesday January 17, and adjourned on Thursday May 3.  During the session there were 17 bills or resolutions that drew written testimony from Ken Conklin because they were at least somewhat related to race-based political sovereignty or racial entitlement programs for ethnic Hawaiians.

The website for the Legislature of the State of Hawaii is at

Now that the regular session of 2018 has permanently adjourned, important lists have been finalized summarizing what happened:

It's useful to review the list of all bills that passed the legislature; and the list of all resolutions that passed either the House or Senate or both chambers (concurrent resolutions); and to study the fate of bills and resolutions which were focused on issues related to Hawaiian sovereignty.

List of 227 Bills that passed the …
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